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  • Mary LaCoursiere SUD Clinical Supervisor

    Ms. LaCoursiere comes from a professional history of working in Special Ed, Human Services and Addictions fields. Opportunities in the Addictions field have brought her over 9 years of experience in multiple facets and currently serves as A Walk to Freedom Counseling’s

    Clinical Supervisor. She brings hands on client centered approach with her to this agency. Mary has been in recovery herself for over 11 years now, where she has learned to understand the addict, personal struggles, and life management of those struggling with active addiction. Mary became interested in helping others where she obtained a degree in Human Services and Chemical Dependency. Mary takes pride in being available to answer questions from staff, clients, and reporting entities.

    Mary shared, “It gives me great pleasure to work with clients and colleagues alike. I will continue to deliver positive solutions to concerns that come my way.”